The Challenges of Traditional Training (And How Reach Can Help)

Blog post image, "The Challenges of Traditional Training (And How Reach Can Help)".

Organizations and businesses from every niche face challenges when it comes to equipping their staff members with the knowledge and comprehension required to excel in their positions.

Whether it’s finding the available time to gather team members in one location to conduct traditional training, or the need to provide employees with enough hands-on experience to compliment their academic understanding, managing the education of your team is rarely as simple as you’d like it to be.

When our mobile development team was creating the Reach platform, these challenges were top of mind. We wanted to provide workplace leaders with an affordable, easy-to-implement e-Learning solution that could keep team members engaged and invested in the training process.

Immediately, we began thinking of ways to transform the typical classroom training experience. And what we came up with was a multi-platform app that increases information retention through gamification and serious game mechanics.

Thus, in this article, we will be breaking down the obstacles associated with traditional training, and highlighting the various ways Reach can help your business overcome them.




This is arguably the most urgent issue facing workplace leaders today. With 32 percent of employees stating that they feel they are burdened with an unreasonable workload, it can be difficult to excite staff members about additional time being spent in training sessions. Most times, employees will prefer to dedicate their time to completing the tasks that are already on their plate, as opposed to taking on new responsibilities.

So, how can employers combat workload fatigue and make learning more appealing to their team?
The introduction of mobile learning (or m-Learning) is a new and effective strategy. With Reach, team members can log into their training app on their mobile device from wherever they are, at times that are most convenient for them.

They also benefit from reward-based incentives that inspire them to keep up with their lessons, including list completions, points, and badges – all of which are part of our serious learning game format that is designed to transform learners from listeners to active participants.

These strategic motivators keep employees engaged and willing to learn. In fact, 89 percent of employees state that a point system would boost their engagement during training.



Even when organizations and businesses invest in innovative training methods, tracking the impact of those methods can be easier said than done.

When taking a traditional training approach, it can prove to be even more challenging.

Thankfully, however, e-Learning makes it easier to track and quantify the outcomes of your training initiatives. In fact, Reach allows employers to view who their top performers are, identify learning gaps, and send out feedback surveys to all learners who utilize the app.

These analytical capabilities make it possible for leaders to customize their learning paths and meet their students where they are in their individual learning journey.

Never wonder if your students are benefitting from your training again! With Reach, you can simply review the data and make informed decisions based on solid facts.



Let’s face it – life happens. Unexpected surprises get the best of each of us, at some point. Staff members call in sick during training days, meetings have to be rescheduled due to last-minute conflicts, and attendance rates are never as high as you’d like them to be.

But that doesn’t have to result in your training efforts being a flop!

You can make your training process more successful through Reach by giving your team members the freedom to complete their training from home, or while they’re on-the-go, via a convenient mobile app.

And as they complete their modules, you can instantly provide feedback using the built-in communication forums.

Worried about an e-Learning platform being less personal than classroom training? We understand. It’s a common concern! But with the ability to incorporate multimedia content, training simulations designed to mimic real-life situations, and store all documents in one convenient location, your students will still receive the interactive experience they would in a traditional learning environment.

You can even provide your learners with simulated scenarios that test their hands-on knowledge and improve their critical thinking skills.

Reach app on three smartphones highlighting the training view, login screen, and the user progress report screen.

Still not convinced that mobile learning is right for your organization?

What if we told you that employees who use their mobile device for training complete courses 45 percent faster, on average, than those who are being taught using traditional training methods?

Or that 99 percent of m-learners believe the mobile format and presentation enhanced their learning, and 100 percent say they would complete more training in a mobile format?

With such compelling statistical data supporting the growing trend, it’s difficult to deny that the future of mobile learning is bright and that its benefits can have a long lasting impact on the success of your company.

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